Coffee break- the Mogo Mouse rocks


Coffee_manMogo_mouseYesterday I was sitting in the local SBUX working away on the P1620 in notebook mode, happily working with my Stowaway Bluetooth Travel Mouse I have used for a long time.  The Stowaway Mouse works well for me with two exceptions- it’s a little clunky to fit in very flat bags like my Waterfield Designs SleeveCase and it always seems to run out of batteries when I don’t have any replacements in my bag.  While I sitting there working I noticed the gentleman sitting across from me was using one of those flat innovative Mogo Mice.  I have been intrigued by the Mogo since it was released a good while ago but never had a chance to play with one to see if it would work well being so flat.  His version was actually an HP branded version of the Mogo but it was the same otherwise.  If you haven’t seen the Mogo Mouse it is flat with a pop-up prop that is used to make the mouse usable on a flat surface.  It folds flat and stores in the PC Card slot for both transport and it charges the Bluetooth mouse while it’s in the slot.  I was quite surprised to find that it works so well and the owner couldn’t say enough good things about it.  I tried it for a bit and I must say it felt good in the hand and worked as well as I have heard.  Needless to say I now have one on the way and will show you how well it works when I have it.  It will solve both of the problems I have with the Stowaway so I expect it will be a great addition to my mobile kit.  I got the PC Card version to fit in the P1620 slot but they have a couple of ExpressCard models too.




I do not have a PC card slot BUT I purchased my MoGo Mouse from a company in England and it came with a FREE external USB charger…it works great! I just got the MoGo Dapter and it works great too! I love my MoGo mouse!

Steven Hughes

I have a quick review of it here:

The drivers appear to be standard MS bluetooth HID mouse drivers. It won’t work with Vista 64 bit. I had contacted their support a few years back and they never had a resolution for it.

The software is from an old software package called Pointix Scroll ++, it works with other non scrolling mice as well if you have one.

It looks like Carlton Bale was the first to use and discover it and the information is now on the Mogo site.

The HP branded version is a MoGo Mouse with a silkscreened HP logo, you can get any logo silk screened on it, just contact Newton Peripherals.


i wonder if Mogo’s drivers would work for the HP? HP tends to write some pretty shitty drivers.


so how many companies make these PCcard/Expresscard mice? i assume they are all BT, does anybody know of a super tiny USB BT add-on?

James Kendrick

spinedoc, from what I can see I believe you hold a button down and tilt the entire mouse forward/back or left/right and scroll. It’s not entirely clear but that’s what it sounds like.


JK that could be good news, what is inertial scrolling? Almost sounds like maybe you hold a button down and scroll the entire mouse.

I’ll have to check it out.

James Kendrick

Raymond & spinedoc, I just noticed on the Mogo web site a new software download which enables the Mogo to provide inertial scrolling. Have you tried that?


I’ve been using that mouse for a while now. I has been a great investment. Biggest down side is no scroll wheel, but other than that, it is always ready to go, always charges, and always with the laptop. It has a little different feel than a “normal” mouse but the adjustment period was quick.


Very nice mouse, but I have been waiting for them to add a touch wheel. They promised one, but it hasn’t materialized yet in the bluetooth one.

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