How One Founder Found the Right CEO

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I love this post, by founder-blogger Scott Converse about his experience trying to find the right CEO to run his company, ClickCaster. Helpful as his investors are to him, Scott writes, it turns out that with respect to this particular challenge, they didn’t give him the best advice.

During the last 9 months I’ve had the ‘happens more than you think’ founders experience of bringing in the wrong CEO, and then bringing in the right CEO. It was an incredibly enlightening experience. What I learned is obvious in hindsight, and it’s pretty simple, really, coming down to one don’t and one do.

* Don’t put your trust in others judgment, implicitly, of a potential CEO’s fit.

I love my investors. They’re great people and I continue to communicate with them regularly and several of them still regularly give me great advice. In this particular case, my investors help in hiring my first CEO didn’t work out very well.

This was largely my fault….

Do read through the whole of Scott’s post
to get to his “one do”, and what I think might be his best, and certainly most colorful, observation: “Every Merlin needs a King Arthur.”

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