Google Sites: More Trouble for Registrars

Last week, we wrote that the registrars were under increased pressure. Their higher-margin businesses, such as turnkey hosting, were threatened by third-party hosting, simplifiers like Google, and the trend towards distributed SaaS applications. The pressure went up a notch with Google’s relaunch of Jotspot, now running on the Google computer, as Google Sites.  What’s most interesting about Sites is the sign-up process, which lets users either claim their domain or enter a domain they want.The Sites enrollment process then offers to register the site through various registrars (of which GoDaddy is currently the only participant.)Ironically, GoDaddy’s blurb on the registration page reads:

Email, calendar, instant messaging, web pages and more also at no extra charge.

It’s unlikely that people who come to set up a free site with Google Sites are then going to use GoDaddy to set one up. Definitely a bad year to be a registrar.


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