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Rumors Surface On Apple’s SDK Plan; Sounds Similar To A Walled Garden

Developers may be disappointed next week when Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) lays out plans for the iPhone SDK. Some details are surfacing today on the kit that make it sound an awful lot like a carrier’s walled garden. The information will be especially disheartening to developers who were banking on Apple to be a less restricted avenue to distribute applications to consumers. The rumors were reported by iLounge, who spoke to a number of sources on the condition of anonymity.

The rumored details:

Apple will require that all mobile applications be distributed through iTunes. This rumor has already been circulating for some time. It’s surprising that the carriers are OK with this arrangement since often times they can demand a portion of proceeds from the sale of an application.

Apple will hand-pick the applications that will be put up for sale. “Our sources confirm that Apple will act as a gatekeeper for applications, deciding which are and are not worthy of release, and publishing only approved applications to the iTunes Store; a process that will less resemble the iTunes Store

6 Responses to “Rumors Surface On Apple’s SDK Plan; Sounds Similar To A Walled Garden”

  1. Their model is almost identical to BREW run by Qualcomm for VZW Get it Now… except there are less than 2 million Iphones sold currently while Brew was running on over 45 million devices. Ultimately anyone could develop for Brew but it was up to Verizon to decide if the application would see any commercialization. I personally know a handful companies who have been burned by Verizon Biz Dev after developing their application for Brew…. and it was not becuase the applications were not worth selling. Some of these applciations were game-changing(VOIP/Social Networking/Messaging/Barcode) but were rejected becuase they competed or could potentially compete in some way with VZW's network services.
    Apple is creating a walled garden enviornment which is no different from a business sense.

  2. Rich

    You obviously dont have the ability to build anything worth selling. Do you think Apple is going to reject an application that has the potential to be a great release? Go post your complaints somewhere else, 'Mr. 2000'

  3. We'll they should not expect companies investing too much if there is a chance the application will get rejected and never be seen in the application shop.