Beijing Olympics: Chinese State Broadcaster Makes Online Plans With MySpace China,

An intriguing move by China Central Television … the Wall Street Journal reports that the state-run broadcaster is tying up with MySpace China and online-video site for an interactive Olympics site. As is customary with IOC rights deals, the site’s streaming video will be — well, should be — available only in China. Users also will be able to contact Olympic athletes through the site. won the rights late last year, allowing “full exploitation of the digital broadcast rights over a variety of platforms.” The broadcaster’s site needs a boost and the Olympics would seem to be the best shot. As the Journal explains, the Olympics micro-site will have a video channel supported by start-up and social networking from News Corp (NYSE: NWS). JV MySpace China. Both see this as a chance to grow their brands as well.

Video enforcement: One sticking point for now, says the Journal: “how CCTV and Tudou will enforce their joint right to be the exclusive online video broadcaster for the Games.” It’s an important question in other countries but especially in one where so much illegal video activity takes place.


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