Zoho Writer Updates with Useful New Features


Zoho Writer - TrademarkThe online office applications market has been heating up lately.  The gorilla in the room, Google Docs/Spreadsheets/Presentations, has made a lot of splashes.  However Zoho, another strong contender, has recently added new features to their Writer application that are pretty intriguing.

Thesaurus: For 10 languages, Zoho Writer offers a Thesaurus option.  For those of us who do a high volume of online writing, this means no more having to have a Firefox tab with Thesaurus.com loaded.  Currently the Thesaurus supports English, Czech, German, Greek, French, Irish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Slovak; with plans to add new languages in the future.

Support for DocX files: With Office 2007, Microsoft introduced the OOXML file format for Word Documents.  Now Zoho Writer is capable of exporting Writer documents to the DocX format.  Soon the will also be able to import DocX for those of you who receive these types of files from colleagues.

Group Support:  Zoho Writer has always been a strong player in collaboration by allowing you to share your documents with colleagues.  With today’s updates, you can group your contacts.  This added capability will allow you to create a “Family” and “Co-Workers” group and share documents with each group accordingly.

There are a few other new features being introduced, refer to their blog for further details.

It is for all our benefit that Zoho has continues to innovate in the online office suite space.  Not only does this competition spur new features such as those listed above, but it serves as a motivating factor for Google to keep producing great features for their online suite.


Greg Birch

I love these guys, ZOHO is fantastic, they continue to push the envelope, it just seems like they care about the end user.


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