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Sprint's $99 Unlimited Plan Ups the Ante

As expected, Sprint has announced its Hail Mary Simply Everything plan, offering customers $99 unlimited calling, premium services and DATA! That’s a better bang for your buck, especially for those of us paying $40 a month for unlimited data. Meanwhile, the party line from the top two carriers is basically, “Customers don’t care about price because our services are so much better.” AT&T’s telecom head John Stankey and Verizon’s CEO Ivan Seidenberg should tell that to the millions of Americans who shop at Wal-Mart.

11 Responses to “Sprint's $99 Unlimited Plan Ups the Ante”

  1. kimberlygomez83

    While the service with Sprint has been wonderful for me, I was rather unhappy to find that Sprint’s own companies are offering the same type of deal for half – and that’s not including fees. While posters here remark on Sprint’s great $99 deal, Boost Mobile requires no contract and is $50 a month. The savings, when coupled against Sprint’s contract fees, make me wonder if I should switch. I emailed Sprint’s president, Mr. Hesse, and let him know how important these savings are and how unfair it is for Sprint customers. Anyone else feel the same way – visit for information.

  2. Curtis Carmack

    Same here. I have three lines on Sprint with unlimited data on 2 of them, unlimited text on one of those, and 2000 shared minutes, all for $99/month. Sprint has been good to me, with better data coverage and throughput than Verizon in the areas where I live and work.

  3. Sprint has always had better pricing than the competition. I currently pay a total of $60/month for TWO lines with 1000 minutes (shared), 500 txt per line, and unlimited “Power Vision” high-speed data service for BOTH phones. I currently use a Palm Centro.

    It is laughable that AT&T continues to play the “better coverage” line, when only Sprint and Verizon work in my parents’ hometown in Indiana. AT&T isn’t really interested in rural customers in the Midwest.

    I’ve had Sprint since 1999 and overall, I’m happy with them.


    • chris

      sprint is affordable not like those other providers verizon sucks can you hear me now bull#&*@ phone dropped calls and worked like crap so i had to switch to sprint my bills never leave 60 bucks and i use the hell out of my phone