Ongoing thoughts on the Fujitsu P1620


I keep getting my head filled with additional thoughts and impressions of the P1620 as I continue to use it heavily and I intend to share them from time to time, like now.  I had forgotten how perfect the P1620 form is for reading ebooks with eReader in portrait orientation.  The 8.9 inch screen is ideal for reading books as it presents almost a hardback book’s worth of print that is easily readable under any lighting (or none at all).

I am also thoroughly impressed with how well the P1620 docks and undocks.  When I dock it into the port replicator it is attached to all the peripherals plugged into the hub in just two seconds and automatically rotates the screen to landscape if necessary.  It just works.  This is an area of frequent frustration with the HP 2710p on the other hand as it seems to take forever before USB devices are recognized by the device for use.

More thoughts as they pop into my head.  Here’s a screen of eReader so you can see what I mean (click to enlarge):




To follow up on this. Does anyone know?

Is the memory user accessible?

The prices for memory upgrades are rather steep on the Fujitsu site.

I can’t find the specs for what type of ram the 1620 takes on the Fujitsu site.


Do you really think it’s a bad screen? I hope not. I have to look up the warrenty.

eric smith

What kind of warranty did you buy with the Fujitsu p1620? They offer several, “regular”, on-site service, and screen replacement.


James I have a question on the inking on my new 1620. you didn’t seem to have an issue on the video you did but what I’m getting is that when I write not all of the word or letter in getting picked up. It. ‘is causing, word recognition issues. Any help or advice? Have your noticed this at all?


Yes sir, that’s what I meant. I have 45 gig of stuff on my current hard drive so I’m wondering if I could get the 32 ssd and the 16 gig sd card, and if I start to go over, off-load some files to a backup drive I have. I really want to do the SSD option. As the 64 SSD becomes more of a reality I might upgrade to that. Great forum you referenced, lots of information.


Sorry, I left part out. I see this comes with a 32 gig hard drive as an option. If I purchased that, is there any reason I couldn’t switch that our for a 3rd party 64 gig at some point?
Thank you.


Is there a reason why I couldn’t switch this out at some point for a 64 gig?

James Kendrick

I still haven’t gotten ReadyBoost to work with the SD but to be honest I’m not really trying. The performance of the P1620 is snappy and I don’t think ReadyBoost will buy me much anyway. So I’m just using the 16 GB card to store a LOOOTTTTT of stuff on it. :)

borax99 (Alain C.)

Reading ebooks is one of my favourite activities on the P1610, so your comments come as no surprise. I would like to see some more of your thoughts on the “improved” screen, you mentioned it felt a little dimmer indoors ?


Fujitsu question?
is the memory user accessable?
is the disk drive user accessable?
the prices for memory upgrades are rather steep on the Fujitsu site.
NW Harris County


There seems to be a kind of halo around the print. Do you see it on the 1620?


Could you post a photo and a review of how Zinio lookson the device. I am very interested in the fujitsu p1620. I have the very old Fujitsu p1120. It has the the lower 1024×600 resolution. I am interested in a ebook reader, eMagazine reader, & PDF reader. I thought the irex Illiad might work, but at $699.00 I could spend a little more and have the fujitsu. I like that it could be your primary computer with the dock hooked up to a monitor, keyboard, external dvd drive, and mouse. Just flip the switch and go mobile.

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