Ongoing thoughts on the Fujitsu P1620

I keep getting my head filled with additional thoughts and impressions of the P1620 as I continue to use it heavily and I intend to share them from time to time, like now.  I had forgotten how perfect the P1620 form is for reading ebooks with eReader in portrait orientation.  The 8.9 inch screen is ideal for reading books as it presents almost a hardback book’s worth of print that is easily readable under any lighting (or none at all).

I am also thoroughly impressed with how well the P1620 docks and undocks.  When I dock it into the port replicator it is attached to all the peripherals plugged into the hub in just two seconds and automatically rotates the screen to landscape if necessary.  It just works.  This is an area of frequent frustration with the HP 2710p on the other hand as it seems to take forever before USB devices are recognized by the device for use.

More thoughts as they pop into my head.  Here’s a screen of eReader so you can see what I mean (click to enlarge):



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