Unsanity APE & Leopard


It came to my attention recently – read: I’ve been checking – that Unsanity has, finally bumped at least some of their haxies to Leopard compatible versions. Many people, myself included, have been bemoaning the loss of such tools as WindowShade X, FruitMenu, and most especially ShapeShifter since their upgrades to the latest big cat. All of these hacks require Unsanity’s Application Enhancer, and there, evidently, is where the problems appeared. Without a functioning Application Enhancer, all the other shiny toys vanish.

Probably more famous, though perhaps more erratic, were those affected by Leopard and Application Enhancer’s incompatibility in a much more severe way – all those with broken 10.5 installs as a result of APE.  This update – to 2.5b, from 2.0.3 – purports to have fixed the issues that originally caused those problems.  The accompanying blog entry, though, takes pains to point out that those same problems had already been fixed as of 2.0.2, released a year before Leopard.

Said blog entry is also quite interesting in its discussion of what APIs Application Enhancer – and other similar tools – access, and what the changes were in Leopard that broke them.  While interesting in itself, this also really gives a nod to the amount of work that surely still remains to be done on the heavier apps, like ShapeShifter, and the amount of work that’s already been done to get this far.

And the updates are: Application Enhancer 2.5b, the SDK for the same, SmartCrashReports 1.5b2, FontCard 1.5.1b1, MenuMaster 1.4.3b1, Silk 2.1.4b1, FruitMenu 3.7b1, and WindowShade X 4.2b1.



I used some of Unsanity’s products until the upgrade issues caused me a day and a half of down-time. I’ll never risk that again just for customization of my menu bar.


Before Leopard’s arrival I used a lot of apps which relied on Unsanity’s APE but honestly, I don’t miss a thing!

They truly let their customers down! Come on, it’s been a while since Leopard was released and writing in the blog every 3 months is not exactly what I would call open und communicative…

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