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Toshiba announces 1.8-inch micro-SATA drives for UMPCs

22608mk1216gsgTwo days ago we were hearing that Fujitsu is cramming 500 GB of capacity into a 2.5-inch notebook hard drive, but many UMPC device owners are left out of the upgrade path since most of these devices use smaller 1.8-inch drives. We’re still not able to get a half a Terabyte of storage in our handheld computers, but there’s a another 120 GB offering just announced from Toshiba.The MK1216GSG is a new 1.8-inch drive that uses a micro-SATA connector and spins at 5,400 RPM, not the slower 4,200 RPM often found in smaller drives. While the interface is capable of a lighting-fast 1.5 GB per second, the transfer speed is limited to 489 Mb per second, which works out to around 60 MBps if I did my math correctly on no morning coffee. Based on this PDF from the SATA International Organization, drives with this micro-SATA connector are geared specifically for UMPCs. No word on price but these drives start shipping in April. For the budget-conscious, Toshiba will also offer an 80 GB model.(via Engadget)