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Sen. Boxer: EPA “Is In Crisis”: Sen. Barbara Boxer said that EPA’s decision to deny California’s waiver application has caused a huge amount of drama in the agency – Cleantech Media. Also check out Environmental Capital’s take of the “brouhaha” and “intrigue” – WSJ.

GM Having Battery Supply Problems: GM has put Cobasys on their “list of distressed suppliers.” Cobasys supplies GM with nickel metal hydride batteries and this hiccup could be problematic for the hybrid lines of the Saturn Aura and Vue and the Chevy Malibu – Autoblog Green.

EnerNoc – High Revenues but Post Losses: The demand response company reported fourth quarter revenues up 234 percent year over year but posted losses of 48 cents of share – CNet News.

Scientists Discover Plant Gene Controlling CO2 Uptake: Teams from the University of Helsinki, UCSD, and Japan working together have discovered a key gene in plants controlling carbon dioxide uptake for photosynthesis and water evaporation – Biopact.

Where is that Farm Bill?: After all that haranguing and press last year over the Farm Bill, the Chair of Senate Ag Committee says the most likely scenario is “an extension of the present farm bill.” What are we paying these guys for again? – Grist.


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