Cheap Voice is Still the Killer App

A new report from ABI Research hits the rather obvious note that customers are loyal to good service, not a particular carrier. As geographic boundaries for telco services erode thanks to unlimited wireless pricing plans and potential femtocell deployments, services and service are key. ABI Research Vice President Stuart Carlaw in the report states that:

“[W]ith a very conservative uptake of new innovative services enabled by femtocell solutions, it could take as much as five years before carriers go into the black following the trials on femtocell solutions. It is important to put this into context: nearly 75% of consumers in developments buy the solutions of more than two services. It is apparent that creating services beyond the go-to-market, cheap voice strategy will be crucial. And this will enable marketers to push the femtocell beyond the early adopters.”

It’s just another reminder that while folks out on the bleeding edge may be keen to wirelessly stream data from their laptops to their PCs, and Gen Y and those younger than them are more comfortable texting than talking, for the majority of the people out there paying a telco or cable provider, cheap, quality voice for less is what they want. Build that, and they will come. Keep it working, and they will stay.


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