Amazon’s New Affliate Video Overlays


The two no-fuss ways to monetize your web site are to add Google AdSense, which gives you a share of price-per-click, or Amazon affiliate ads, which give you a share of products bought through your links. Until just recently, there were no parallel options for monetizing video. But last week, Google added AdSense overlays for video, and now, as supersleuth Dave Zatz has discovered, Amazon is offering affiliate overlay ads for video.

Amazon now allows members to upload videos and pick products to insert as overlays on top of them through something it’s calling the “Your Video Widget.” Users can upload videos of up to 10 minutes in length, and place as many product ads as they like as long as they appear at least 10 seconds apart. Anyone can embed a video, but only the person who uploads it gets the affiliate share.

We’ve written about lots of video overlay startups, most recently Click on the thumbnails below to see Zatz’s screenshots of the upload and ad-insertion process.

amazon1.png amazon2.png amazon3.png amazon4.png amazon5.png


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