Sony Installs New Head Of Crackle; Felser, Samuel Out; Other Layoffs Too

Co-founders Josh Felser and Dave Samuel are out at Crackle, the Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures Television video network that started life as Grouper. The new man in charge is Jonathan Shambroom, promoted to SVP & GM today. Felser and Samuel, co-presidents, founded Grouper as a p2p media-sharing site in 2004, sold it to Sony Pictures for $65 million, and stayed on while it evolved into a multi-platform video network known as Crackle. Shambroom is no newcomer; he’s overseen product development and marketing since September 2005. Release

Sony says Crackle has doubled its traffic in recent months — no numbers provided. Crackle will have an exclusive window for original short-form online programming from Sony Pictures.

Updated: THR reports that the co-founders new “roles are changing and that’s still being worked out.” The spokesman also said that the company has “let some people go,” which as rumored before, are about 8 people out of a total of 60, as NTV reports here. The company insists everything is fine. Sure.


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