Network Solutions and ICANN Sued for Domain Tasting

Last month we asked you if Network Solutions was being evil. Network Solutions “registers” domains that people search at their site, thereby locking users out of the opportunity to purchase those searched-on domains anywhere else during the allowed 5-day “tasting” period. The overwhelming response in that thread showed that Network Solutions was right up there with the worst of them in the eyes of the public.

Now lawyers and judges can decide. Ars Technica reports that search engine optimization engine specialist Chris McElroy has filed suit in an effort to stop this practice once and for all:

McElroy believes that the grace period and refund policy should be eliminated entirely. “The only real solution to domain tasting is to eliminate the 5-day grace period,” McElroy commented in a recent blog entry. “There is no real need for the grace period. For every one legitimate person dropping a domain name because they changed their mind, I’m betting there are 100,000 domain names that were ‘tasted’ by the pros.”

As Ars points out, this case isn’t about the potential financial windfall. Until the case is decided, the best course of action is to only search for domains on sites you either trust do not taste, or on sites you know for sure that you will stay to purchase the domains you find are available.


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