IE7Pro: Free Improvements to Internet Explorer


Like many a web worker, my browser of choice is Firefox. I favor it because it’s less of a target for hackers than Internet Explorer, has good security features, and I make use of lots of useful extensions for it. However, I run both Firefox and Internet Explorer and frequently jump into Internet Explorer when I run into problems in Firefox, or when downloading new applications (this just seems to work more smoothly in Internet Explorer). If you, as I do, use Internet Explorer, definitely look into IE7Pro–a free download add-on that adds lots of useful features to the browser.

IE7pro adds a long list of enhancements to Internet Explorer. These include improved tabbed browsing, spell checking, improved crash recovery (a big bonus!), and my favorite addition: mouse gestures.

Firefox was earlier to adopt tabbed browsing than Internet Explorer, and I find that it does a better job of it, but IE7Pro closes the gap substantially. With it, you can double click to close tabs, open new tabs by dragging links, open new tabs from your address bar, enable or disable a tabbed browsing history manager, and more. When you install IE7Pro, a small blue “e” shows up at the bottom of your browser, and you can pull up a menu of options as seen below.

Mouse gestures in IE7Pro allow you to speed scroll through documents, and navigate with movements instead of clicks. You can also do inline spell checks, block pop-up ads, and easily capture entire web pages. Finally, there are a number of user plug-ins for IE7Pro which give it the feel of a solid, open source application even though it’s technically just freeware. Unless you’ve permanently abandoned Internet Explorer, give it a try.

Do you know of any good add-ons or extensions for Internet Explorer?



As an Ubuntu GNU/Linux user, I shouldn’t take care about running Internet Explorer, ’cause it’s for Windows users only. But I’ve recently found IEs4Linux ( ) that are “real” Internet Explorer programs running with WINE ( ).

But if you’re running Windows + Firefox and sometimes need to have a look at how IE renders the page, use IEtab:

“IE Tab, an extension from Taiwan, embeds Internet Explorer in a Mozilla/Firefox tab.”

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