Here comes Ubuntu Mobile


CluttersmallOne thing that the Asus EEE PC has shown us is that Linux makes a great OS for getting online and using limited resources very nicely.  Dwight Silverman pointed me today to Ubuntu Mobile which looks to make any mobile PC online friendly and ready to hit the road.  Ubuntu Mobile is an open-source project that brings all of the online activities we love to do right to our fingertips.  It’s a touch friendly OS so that is a literal description.  From the Ubuntu Mobile web site:

Ubuntu Mobile is an Ubuntu edition that targets an exciting new class of computers called Mobile Internet Devices.
UbuntuMobile, based on the world’s most popular Linux distribution, and MIDhardware from OEMs and ODMs, are redefining what can be done in mobilecomputing.

Ubuntu Mobile, a fully open source project, gives full Internet,with no compromise. Custom options may include licensed codecs andpopular third-party applications.

  • Full Web 2.0/AJAX fidelity, with custom options of Adobe Flash®, Java, and more
  • Outstanding media playback so you can enjoy videos, music and photos with superior quality and easy navigation
  • A suite of applications that work seamlessly to meet every need of a digital parent, student or anyone who is on-the-go
  • Facebook®, MySpace®, YouTube®, Dailymotion®, 3D games, GPS, maps,in short, the full Web 2.0 experience delivered into your hands as acompact and powerful device that’s easy and fun to use

The product of Canonical collaboration with Intel® and the opensource community, Ubuntu Mobile is the software that makes it allpossible.

Head over to the web site and see how complete this flavor of Ubuntu is for mobile PCs.


Kevin Bland

I wish they would make it easy for a Windows user to build a bootable disk for Ubuntu Mobile … like they have for 8.04. Even though it is still Beta I want to try it. As a 4-5 hour a day user of a SamsungQ1U I am sure I can provide some constructive feedback!

Eve N

Since Wacom tablets work fine with Ubuntu, there should be no problem with this. I don’t know about touch.
CellWriter ( ) is the best HWR I could find. It’s similar to the tablet input panel in single character mode.


Any idea if this will work with a Wacom stylus/digitizer? I’d love to try installing it on the VY11 – heck, if you could get HWR, this might be the perfect notes and surfing platform…


It should work on the Q1 as well as the Ultra. You should be able to get it working from a regular Gutsy install disk you’d use on a laptop. The ubuntu-mobile package is what you’d need to install and it’s there now. Just make sure you have a USB keyboard and mouse attached. As for the install, you’d want to use either a USB CD drive or bootable thumb drive for installation of the base Ubuntu.

Steve Paine

Beta builds of this are available is anyone is interested and has a Samsung Q1 Ultra (one of the dev devices.) Last time I tried it it wasnt anywhere near ready but they’ve done a lot of work since then.
Watch out for the install, it wipes your disk!



This is cool. I see this also being useful on UMPC’s and even tablets. Now we just need some good handwriting recognition.

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