Former Owner Gets Into Games


Jay Gould, a former owner of pioneering social network and video-sharing site, has launched Gamers Media, an ad network for casual game sites. It is one of several other startups, such as NeoEdge and Mochi Media, which launched last year, seeking to monetize the hugely popular casual games market.

After the bankruptcy of last year, Gould said he was looking for his next opportunity. He’d noted an advertiser rush to gaming sites while at Bolt, and decided that should be his next endeavor. New York-based Gamers Media reaches 20 million uniques and has about 40 properties on which it can place ads, and it has signed a partnership with Adify to build out its publisher network. So far, Gamers Media is profitable, but Gould said he doesn’t disclose revenue.

He did say the CPMs on his site range from $10 to $20 for brand advertising, with tactics such as page takeovers and custom-built “advergames” netting a higher CPM. The site shares an average of 50 percent of its revenue with publishers that range from Big Fish Games to Lycos’ Gamesville property. I love that the company is making money, and is profitable, but the value of Gamers Media is only as good as its publishers. It needs to corner the market fast — or score some exclusive arrangements with big publishers — in order to compete.



Congrads to Gamers media,glad to see a ad network that works for it’s publishers.They have a great sales team,and a platform that works.

ceiling cat

interestingly enough, jay joined bolt after its ‘pioneer’ days and promptly led it to the deadpool. in fact, it was him who replaced the bolt site with the boltfolio/bolt2/video sharing site that ultimately led to bolt’s demise.


Yeah look like Jay Gould is heading in the right direction and he has our 9.2 million Uniques(absolute uniques according to google) in the last 30 days to support him :)

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