CloudFire Makes P2P Media Sharing Easy


cloudfire2.jpgWiredReach, maker of peer-to-peer file-sharing application BoxCloud, has built a new service built around sharing media easily and quickly. CEO Ash Maurya says CloudFire is similar to services such as WeBot, but and doesn’t require a client on the end user’s computer. It does, however, require your host PC to be on.

CloudFire is integrated into iTunes, so anyone using iTunes for music and video and iPhoto for photos can easily share their files after downloading some software. Maurya classifies the service as peer-to-web, since the recipient of the files can view them through any browser, even on a mobile phone.

WiredReach has plans for an iPhone interface as well. Other than the obvious benefit of grabbing content from your PC while on the go, CloudFire can be used to share family videos and photos with distant relatives and for other, similar uses.


The service will be ad-supported for people who use their own computers as servers to host their content, but eventually CloudFire will have a premium caching service using Amazon’s S3 storage so people can offload large files for sharing. WiredReach already has a similar premium service used by its BoxCloud clients.

The site will open up for a private beta in a few weeks, and Maurya has promised to give GigaOM some invites, so check back for a chance to check out the service.



Please feature Wuala ( as well. They have a great way of uploading media into the cloud.

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