Bluetrek Bluetooth headset charges in USB, works as card reader


BluetrekbizzbluetoothheadsetIt’s nearing time to retire “the frog”, which is what I affectionately call my Motorola HS810 Bluetooth headset. I call it that because the markings make it look like a little frog… but that’s not why I’m planning to replace it. When it runs out of juice, I have to pull out an AC adapter and hope to find an outlet. Not so with the Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth headset, which I’d like to get my ear hands on. If the signal quality is acceptable, I’ll likely drop the $80 for a Bizz because of the unique charging mechanism. You simply pop the headset open to expose a USB interface, which then plugs into the USB port of a computer. Even better, the Bluetrek folks crammed a microSD reader in there too. Talk about a multifunction headset… my HS810 now looks like a toad in comparison.



hmm, can one access the SD card via bluetooth?

still, being able to use it as a kind of pen drive as well as a headset (and a very low key one at that by the looks of it) sounds interesting.

still, ill keep my jabra BT8010 as it to can charge over usb to (if i remember to pack the cable for it, not sure if one end of it is micro-usb or not). oh and did i say that i can use it as a set of ad2p headphones as well?

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