Bluetooth PAN connectivity arrives for Nokia Internet Tablets

BluetoothpanAs much as I enjoy using a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, it’s not without its challenges. First and foremost to me is the difficulty in pairing it with a non-Nokia handset. Time and time again, I receive e-mails from readers who are frustrated by the same problem because without WiFi, you’re limited to apps and data on the device only.Luckily, the issue caught the attention of the Maemo community, because there’s a new add-on that supports Bluetooth PAN connectivity. PAN or Personal Area Networking has become increasingly more common the newer Windows Mobile devices; the older solution was DUN or Dial Up Networking. With this add-on, you should be able to tether your phone wirelessly by setting up a PAN, just like I did with my Windows Mobile device and a MacBook Pro. The free add-on is for the Internet Tablets running the new OS2008 only.Update: this add-on is looking for a dependent package (bluez-utils), so I’m still futzing with trying to get it to work with my lowly EDGE connection on the Dash.Update 2: Works as advertised. I never thought I’d be this happy to see an EDGE-based PAN for the Nokia. ;) My earlier issue: I didn’t have the latest version of OS2008; once updated, this worked just fine!


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