32 GB iPod Touch reviewed- is it worth the high price?


I will be the first to admit I love my iPod Touch but am already up against the 16 GB of memory mine has.  I cannot even put all of the videos I’d like to carry with me because I’m up against the memory limit.  The newest iPod Touch with that 32 GB of flash memory would certainly ease my troubles but at $499 the question as always is if it’s worth the big bucks?  Dwight Silverman has reviewed the new iPod Touch for the Houston Chronicle and as always his POV is right on the money.  Check out the entire review to see what I mean.  Meanwhile here’s a teaser:

Overall, I think the 32-GB iPod Touch is the best media player in itsclass, as well as the best hand-held Web-access device. It’s not,however, the best value. I’ll stick to my current iPod for now.

My take on the Touch is the same as Dwight’s which shows you how good a device Apple has created.  It’s not only the "best media player in its class" but also the "best hand-held Web-access device".  That observation is spot on with my take on the iPod Touch.



GF snagged my 16 touch to show pictures of her jewelry designs for her business. Honestly, I’m surprised more people haven’t seized upon them for this purpose.

Looks like I can get a 32 off of craigslist for 375. Do you think this is a good price?


I had a 16gb touch, and with a couple of movies on and a stripped down music collection it was fine. Then the 32gb came out, and i succumbed, now i have all my music (16gb), some movies (7gb) and 7gb free space too.

Could I afford it? Not really. Could I give my 16gb to my wife. Nope, she has way more music (41gb!!!) sat on her 5g 80GB Ipod.

So does anyone want to buy a 16gb touch?

Mike Cane

I don’t understand any of this. I have 4GB internal, 1GB external for my LifeDrive. I have about 3GBs of video. You know how *little* I’ve used it for that after the first month or two?

Either you people have loads of free time (in which case you should be READING BOOKS!) or something is going on here that I just can’t figure out…

It’s some sort of cult, isn’t it? (Do members wear fezzes?)


If you want to spend the money, those with the original Zune 30GB models could pay to have a bigger HDD installed. I wouldn’t be surprised to find there are iPOD modders out there as well.

Do a cost-ratio analysis. If it’s cheaper to mod, do it.



$499 seems like a bargain given that the retail price for a 1.8″ 32GB SSD is over $400. (Not sure why SSD prices aren’t falling, though.)


I bought my 16 gb Touch about a week before the 32gb models were announced. As usual, timing is everything and mine is lousy ;-(. My primary purpose for the purchase was the photo access. I enjoy photography, and the Touch is a great way to have my favorite pictures with me to share with others. I also find that flipping through them myself can be a great stress reliever. I’m with Jeff – I think I’m just going to manage around the 16 gig limit. I can use my iPod Classic where I want *all* my music collection, and only keep enough on the Touch to do me for a trip. Heaven knows that with all the new devices coming out, in another year or so there will be something later and greater anyway, so I can’t see trying to trade up right now.


I could not agree more. I got the 16 Touch for Christmas and love it. I have hit the memory limit a few times, but over all I just need to shuffle some videos off and put some new ones on and I am good to go. Am currently watch TV series, so I can load up a season watch it, remove it, and add the next one. Sure it take a little work, but to be able to have it on demand, it’s well worth it.

If I could get a decent amount of money for reselling my 16 gig I would happily upgrade to the 32 gig.


I’ve got the 16gb touch as well and I agree its the best media device around, as well as a really good internet tablet. (It isnt as good as my old iPod as a strictly music device but the video and net capabilities outweigh that for me.) And though the 32gb model isnt worth it as an upgrade for me, I’d probably get it if I didnt already have one. The $100 price is worth it for the extra storage.

Would be nice if it worked in disk mode though…

Oh yeah… and the SDK would be great too.

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