Monday Morning Time Saver: Make Google Calendar in to PDF


It’s time once again to welcome the week with a handy tip to save a few precious minutes. Today we’ll be checking out a handy way to print and share your Google Calendar.

Printing your GCal

Chances are if you are a user of Google Calendar, at some point in time you’ve wanted to share your calendar with someone. Whether it be your husband/wife who wants to know what your week looks like, or a business colleague who you want to schedule a meeting with, easily sharing calendars can be a bit tricky. Sure you can always share your calendar with them via their Google Calendar or iCal, but what about the times you just want to easily give a snapshot of your day/week’s schedule? shows us how to do this. First, click on the Print link at the top of your Google Calendar. Then, in the printing preferences, use the dropdowns to adjust the Font Size and Orientation. Check the Black and White checkbox. Now that you are done, click the “Save As…” button to easily download your newly created PDF calendar.

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