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Jaxtr Ends Beta, Begins Selling Ads

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Social voice startup Jaxtr has reached 10 million users, doubling its user base in less than three months. The company has also announced the end of its beta and the beginning of revenue, with ads running on the Jaxtr Cafe site. The site essentially turns Jaxtr from an widget-based mobile VoIP platform into a one-stop shop for social voice and text messaging that can be delivered to a mobile phone without the user giving out his or her phone number.

17 Responses to “Jaxtr Ends Beta, Begins Selling Ads”

  1. bhAUMIK

    jaxtr now decrease the user. the main reason is that first people use it for the just for free call to their country so now further on they have to jaxtr on the account.
    so definately it will decrease down, some people own around 100 account for maintain their for the making call so how can they use we all know.
    new jaxtr definatley decrease down ward.

  2. localvore

    if you enjoy that sort of thing, that’s great and i sincerely wish you happiness with it, but i have voice mail so that i don’t have to answer the phone, and i don’t, and i dont have a cell because i like being where i am, wherever that is at the moment

  3. Michael – I agree that Madison Ave is not going to be that interested in the “arbitrage audience” (Is that new slang for cheap people? I love it!) One could, however, find advertising partners that are interested in, say, people calling India from the UK. There are companies that want to reach that group. Unless, as “anon” asserts in comment 5, their “users” are really one-offs, in which case it will be hard to do any real ad targeting.

    anon – any proof?

  4. Om:
    I know lot of my colleagues and buddies use jaxtr because of its free international calling support. I guess jaxtr used all their funding money to build the user base by giving freebies. Iam sure they are running out of money and need to somehow milk the user base they have build for the past 11 months. As michael mentions, not sure how are they going to generate revenue from adsense. Nevertheless, Good that they are trying to generate some revenue.


  5. Om – I think anyone paying attention to their # of user claims is skeptical.

    Shai – they aren’t doing voice and text ads, they’re just doing adsense from what i can see. Hardly a media play move. Besides, and in any case, Madison Ave has told me they’re not quite interested in any kind of ads that serve the markets Jaxtr serves [most predominantly]. We’ve got to ask how much value an arbitrage audience holds.

  6. the reason for the millions of users is that the platform has very heavily hacked for free calls. but the methods all involve setting up a new account for each and every call. i you want make absolutely free calls for example to india than jaxtr has been that way to do for the last year. my theory is that jaxtr is well aware of this but has not done anything about it because they like booming subscriber numbers.

  7. Om: It’s the same with Mig33. Millions of users, and I’ve never met any of them. Maybe we’re just not in the demographic.

    I don’t doubt their numbers, but I am skeptical in general about ad-supported calling. I can see it working in special situations, but in general, unless you can get awesome CPM’s, or limit the call time, or get below-market termination rates, I don’t see the math working.

  8. Funny stuff – they say that they have 10 million people using their service. somehow I have never found anyone who actually uses the service. which makes me think, if their advertising base is something worth crowing about.