Fujitsu to JK- honest the P1620 will ship to you, some day


I just spent another 20 minutes on the phone with Fujitsu to try and determine if they even know where my P1620 is.  The answer in a nutshell- they think they know.  They think it’s still in Japan in the factory and they are being told it will ship on the 29th of February.  To catch up with the story this is the original ship date I was quoted back on Feb. 6th when I ordered the P1620 along with an extra A/C adapter.  The adapter shipped on the 19th and delivered to me two days later.

The confusion started at that point because online it showed that the P1620 shipped at the same time but of course was never delivered.  Because of the confusion I have called Fujitsu every day since then and each time talked with a different very nice representative who expressed their own confusion.  I have been told three different ship dates which have all passed with no shipment leaving Japan.  The representative today called Japan to get the real story, not the one about the leap year giving their system fits, and here’s the latest story from Fujitsu Japan.

The computer is still showing that it will ship on Feb. 29th, this Friday, meaning I won’t have it until next week, fully two weeks after they originally showed they had shipped it.  You have to understand that after posting an estimated ship date of Feb. 29th I was notified by email that the estimated ship date was moved up to Feb. 19th, the date that the adapter actually shipped.  Japan is now saying the ship date is back to the 29th as it was originally.  Confused yet?  I sure am.  The rep today, Reyna, says that she is sure the P1620 will ship before the 29th, maybe even tomorrow, and she will personally call me to tell me when it ships.  I asked her why I should believe that since I’ve gotten conflicting and inaccurate information every single time I’ve spoken with someone.  She understood but still is sure it will ship prior to the 29th even though that is what Japan has told her.  Some day I’ll get it, honest.



I have had a similar problem here in Australia, I ordered my p1620 on 31/1/08 and still haven’t received it despit a planned shipping date of 2 weeks (from Taiwan apparently). I ordered through a third party supplier. Anyway… maybe demand is higher than they expected but I am getting sick of waiting.

Andrew Beery

Yeah I have a nice comment about Fujitsu… I love my new P1620! Difference in wait time for delivery seems to be related to custom vs stock orders… I ordered custom but changed to stock when I could get it three weeks sooner.


Stop trolling jpfx. The rest of us are actually interested in JK’s experiences especially if we plan to deal with the same company ourselves. Also, btw, this is a blog and people are free to say whatever they want to on their own blogs – that’s the whole point.


jpfx your comments are mean spirited. Comments regarding how well a company manages its customers’ expectations are appropriate when a person is spendng a considerable amount of money. I liked the garden picture. Your lack of tolerance is saddening.


get over it ffs! using your www exposure as a vehicle for whining about delivery times…
Anyone would think you were buying a new model without an established supply chain.
how about another garden picture, that was good!


I also got tired of waiting for the Shift I ordered and I wanted something with more power and better battery life so I ordered a P1620 yesterday. My estimated ship date is the 29th of Feb. I hope mine ships on time.


Just be thankful that you don’t have to deal with Fujitsu UK. God knows when they will even get the P1620 but when it does come they will never have any in stock, they won’t have any accessories and the only way to customise it is to try and track down an SKU that doesn’t ever actually get manufactured. They are certainly one of the most frustrating companies to have to deal with.

I love my P1610 but it was so hard to buy that I will really have to think long and hard before buying another Fujitsu.


I am not trying to rub this in but thought you would like to know that they are giving you the run around. After reading that you ordered a P1620 and getting tired of waiting for the Shift I ordered a P1620 through my job on 2/11 a week after you. I hate to tell you but I received mine today.

Good Luck getting yours,


I ordered my customized P1620 on 2/17/08. My estimated ship date was 2/29/08. It got moved up to a scheduled ship date of 2/26/08 (tomorrow!!). I just called Fujitsu to check if it’s on track to ship tomorrow. He said that the estimated ship dates get changed a lot but it takes “an act of God” to change a scheduled ship date. I hope he’s right and mine gets shipped tomorrow. Although I’d feel bad (and it seems unfair) if I get mine before you get yours since you ordered yours a week and a half ahead of mine! Tony

T.W. Cook

I had a similar experience with a Fujitsu T4215 last year – the extra power supply showed up nearly immediately, then the extra memory and dock, but nobody knew where the actual computer was. It was eventually found and showed up, and it’s a really nice machine, but the process of trying to figure out where it was is extremely painful.


I hate it when you have to keep telling your story over and over again from the beginning to each new person you talk to and then you’re given some kind of assurance that isn’t passed on to the next person.

Also, no one takes any responsibility for their actions in these companies. Blame the computer system. Blame the leap year. Oh, I’d better talk to Japan so that I can blame them.

Customer service is dead and buried.

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