Fujitsu to JK- honest the P1620 will ship to you, some day

I just spent another 20 minutes on the phone with Fujitsu to try and determine if they even know where my P1620 is.  The answer in a nutshell- they think they know.  They think it’s still in Japan in the factory and they are being told it will ship on the 29th of February.  To catch up with the story this is the original ship date I was quoted back on Feb. 6th when I ordered the P1620 along with an extra A/C adapter.  The adapter shipped on the 19th and delivered to me two days later.

The confusion started at that point because online it showed that the P1620 shipped at the same time but of course was never delivered.  Because of the confusion I have called Fujitsu every day since then and each time talked with a different very nice representative who expressed their own confusion.  I have been told three different ship dates which have all passed with no shipment leaving Japan.  The representative today called Japan to get the real story, not the one about the leap year giving their system fits, and here’s the latest story from Fujitsu Japan.

The computer is still showing that it will ship on Feb. 29th, this Friday, meaning I won’t have it until next week, fully two weeks after they originally showed they had shipped it.  You have to understand that after posting an estimated ship date of Feb. 29th I was notified by email that the estimated ship date was moved up to Feb. 19th, the date that the adapter actually shipped.  Japan is now saying the ship date is back to the 29th as it was originally.  Confused yet?  I sure am.  The rep today, Reyna, says that she is sure the P1620 will ship before the 29th, maybe even tomorrow, and she will personally call me to tell me when it ships.  I asked her why I should believe that since I’ve gotten conflicting and inaccurate information every single time I’ve spoken with someone.  She understood but still is sure it will ship prior to the 29th even though that is what Japan has told her.  Some day I’ll get it, honest.