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Earth2Tech Maps: 101 Cleantech Startups

If you’re wondering where the cleantech hot spots are around the globe, then we have the ultimate map for you: Earth2Tech’s 101 Cleantech Startups, where you can see how cleantech companies are sprouting up all over the place.

The different sectors — like solar, energy storage, biofuels and electric vehicles — are all represented by a logo, and each pin on the map has all of the vital stats for each startup (founding year, investors, technology, etc.). We admit we’ve got a bit of a Valley skew, but we’ve thrown in some of the international cleantech heavyweights as well.

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42 Responses to “Earth2Tech Maps: 101 Cleantech Startups”

  1. Patrick Zanoni

    Your map of clean companies is pretty cool.
    There is also a company in Minneapolis, pretty far along, named VAST enterprises, which you may want to include in the map. It is in the clean materials sector being made 95% from recycled materials and having the most LEED credits for pavement. See

  2. Vampire Labs:
    Makes power management technology/products called “Vampire Proof”. Vampire Labs has made battery chargers (cell phones /etc) that unplug themselves from the power grid when they are not needed thus saving up to 90% of the energy used by the battery charger.

    Vampire Labs is also working on similar technology in several other electronic product domains.

  3. Significantbreak

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  4. I have to disagree with Sanjong Thapa, Dude/Duderette we are not hear to feed the world, NO one nation can do that and the United States does a very good job at sending food all over the world, but your so called “The Environmental Elite = The Enemy of the Poor & Hungry” is so far off base that it makes me sick. if we keep using fossil fuels they will not be alive to enjoy the food we send or the food we TEACH them to grow. it is called being a good steward to the land and stop killing them selves over food and learn to share the burden to make their countries a better place to live, see they need to take responsibility for their own future. With our help they will succeed, but they have to want to change and until that happens all the help in the world will fail. it is not the fault of “The Environmental Elite” They are leading the way to a better world and world that will live as one a greener world a world where every man calls each other brother and not enemy. Green tech or clean tech is the beginning of a much better world for ALL mankind. so stop being cynical of what we are doing and go out and help teach the future of life. we need everyone to help and not just the “Environmental Elite” join us and help save the world. be part of real change.

  5. Singapore’s very first waste vegetable oil to Biodiesel plant by alpha biofuels will start operations in Nov 2008. All feedstock – yellow and brown grease

    For the first time in history, biodiesel will be available to singaporean motorist.

  6. Green energy is definitely the best solution in most cases. Technology like solar energy, wind power, fuel cells, zaps electric vehicles, EV hybrids, etc have come so far recently. Green energy even costs way less than oil and gas in many cases.

  7. What a great post – thanks! I shared this (and other posts) with Netshare’s GreenTechnology forum and the members were quite appreciative. My teenagers also use your posts in school – their teachers like the up to date information. Keep up the good work.

    Sabrina Compagno

  8. It’s exciting to see such a robust ecosystem of CleanTech startups growing around the world. For companies developing technology solutions to help address today’s environmental challenges, I want to let you know about The Ingenuity Point, a worldwide contest that recognizes and celebrates passionate people and innovative software companies making a difference for our future. This contest round ends on 2/28/08 so submit your entry today for a chance to be recognized and win.

    • Sanjong; Much has changed since 2005. Research is progressing toward biodiesel (not ethanol), which is Not food based. Algae is one of several materials biodiesel can be from.