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Are the new MacBook Pros here yet? How about now?

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Nearly every Tuesday in 2008 has seen a software or hardware announcement by Apple, yet each time I’m left feeling disappointed because it’s not the one I’m waiting for: new MacBook Pros.

Most Apple fans know you should always wait through the Christmas holiday until Macworld arrives in January before buying a new Mac. And with all the rumors regarding a new laptop, I had hopes I wouldn’t have to wait long. Heck, maybe they’d even make all my wishes come true and introduce a replacement for the 12″ PowerBook. I know I’m not the only one who was hoping for something more powerful than a MacBook but less expensive and beastly than the MacBook Pro. Of course, we all know that dream didn’t get fulfilled and instead we were introduced to the MacBook Air — which I tried very hard not to displace my disappointment onto ($1800 and it’s slower than a MacBook!?)

With Macworld over and my dream machine denied, I resigned myself to getting a MacBook Pro. Based on the line’s previous revision dates, it wasn’t due for an refresh until late April-early June. So I would have a good season’s worth of not being outdated. But then rumors started up about how MacBook Pro updates were just around the corner; how they were going to have the MacBook Air’s spacious trackpad with multi-touch gesture support; how Apple was going to introduce them at Macworld but wanted to wait a few weeks. And considering that Apple has in the past introduced product refreshes in the weeks directly following Macworld, it seemed quite believable.

And as my hopes build every Monday evening, they have been dashed every Tuesday morning as Apple releases something I really don’t care about: Aperture 2! Xsan 2! What’s next? iPod Hi-Fi 2? Yes, I know I’m just jealous. I’m sure those products are all great and are headed to loving home offices. But now I’ve been holding off a laptop purchase for two months! And I think my current G4 laptop, knowing that it’s going to be traded out any Tuesday now, has decided to exact revenge by draining the battery prematurely (it completely shuts down at 47 percent) and showing web movies slowly (why is the Indiana Jones trailer so jerky?!)

Please, Apple, I’m begging you! End this torture and free the new MacBook Pros! I don’t care if it’s just a speed bump. I just don’t want to cave and get one right before you release new models. No one wants that. And I realize that my old, responsible self would say ‘Never let that be the deciding factor, because there will always be updates and you won’t know when they’re coming.’ But when the channel supply is strained I know it’s just another Tuesday away. Right?!

9 Responses to “Are the new MacBook Pros here yet? How about now?”

  1. thats funny i read this now….just got back from the aple store wanting to upgrade my powerbook G4…still no new macbooks in the store…crap…i’m going to have to take the old tired barely working powerbook on one more assignment….try loading photos on to at 21 mp each!

  2. I’m not really happy with the upgrades…but i guess i got my hopes up too high with the rumors of a new look, etc.

    I’ve been holding off on getting a new laptop until the new MBP upgrades came…will probably get the new one still…it’s still a great laptop :D

  3. I keep telling my schoolmate that it’s coming, any day now. He first heard reports about the new machine on the radio! He’s hoping the upgrade will include speedier chips and much more efficient cooling.