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Livemint Launches Blogs

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Mint, the financial daily from HT Media, has launched blogs with a couple of issue based series – one on careers called Mint’s Water Cooler, and another around the budget, called “If I Were FM“. There is an advert for If I Were FM in today’s Mint, asking readers to ‘blog now on’, but I couldn’t figure out how to sign up to post – a mismatch between promise and delivery. That said, the site does feature posts from citizens, which have been picked up from comments to other posts; so there is an incentive to comment. The other posts are mostly interviews moonlighting as blog posts. However, I didn’t notice any of the posts in the print edition of Mint today, and will If I Were FM warrant attention after the budget? Mint’s Water Cooler might last, though. On the design side, Mint blogs currently lacks archives and categories, both of which will be useful as more and more content gets added to segment. The site could also do with better design integration with

It’s important for Mint to do a few things to drive usage: firstly, the updates need to be frequent, giving users something to return to. Secondly they need to drive discussions on the blogs; as I’ve noticed at ContentSutra, often the value for readers comes from the discussion in the comments, from the community; topical series like If I Were FM are a great idea. Thirdly, some of the content – depending on the quality of the content – should also be covered in the print version. This will encourage more page-views, comments and discussions, and give a sense of belonging to the readers. Among other business publications, BusinessWorld used to have blogs – barely any content. Blogs at BW are now conspicuous by their absence. Business Today has blogs, but not all are updated frequently.

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