Old school goes new school: Palm apps on the iPhone, Touch

StyletapipodtouchpalmWe’ve made note of StyleTap before; it’s the Palm emulator that lets you run thousands Palm OS applications on Windows Mobile devices. Two days ago, Matt Miller shot me a link to a video showing said StyleTap running on an iPod Touch of all things. Now it’s just an experimental version so don’t get ready to fire Blazer up on that iPhone just yet. OK, I kid about the Blazer part, but not about the experimental part. We’ll have to see how this pans out with the iPhone SDK, but can you imagine the ability to run tons of Palm apps on your Apple device?Assuming this does happen, what Palm software would you most want to run? This question serves a dual purpose since I’m still playing with the Palm Centro; you’ll give me some ideas of good third-party software I should be trying…


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