Guy Stuff Travel Bag- another great gear bag


I hope this is going to be a regular feature here on jkOnTheRun, sharing the cool gadget bags that our readers are finding useful.  Reader John McDonald answered the call for sharing and has sent information about the most, well, manly looking gear bag I’ve ever seen.  The Guy Stuff Travel Bag is downright practical and very cool and John says it fits a P1610 or a Flybook V5 very nicely and leaves lots of room for his other gear.  You can tell from the photos that the many pockets make this a great traveling bag too so check it out.  Thanks John!  I have to say I can see one of these hanging from my bag tree.  Uh oh.


UPDATE:  John just sent me some pics of this bag in real use.  Here it is with John’s Flybook nestled in the bag inside the slip case which he cut the end off for easy insertion/ removal.



alan scalingi

Anyone know where I can find a Territory Ahead Sweet Spot bag ?


The guy stuff bag looks really sweet, but I’m curious as to how much it weighs. In my experiencing bags with leather tend to be heavier than most…

Rick Huizinga

Thanks for the tip on this bag – I checked out their website and found this bag:

“Guy Stuff Cabin Bag”

I picked this up yesterday at my local Territory Ahead story at the mall and its perfect for my equipment:

– Dell XPS M1330 laptop
– Nikon D40 DSLR with Nikon 18-200mm VR lens
– Apple Composite Video cable for iPhone with charger (so I can watch movies from my iPhone on any TV while travelling). This cable also doubles as a charging & syncing cable for my iPhone.

There are also many compartments for memory cards, pens, cell phones, etc. Other great aspects for travel:
– a boarding pass pocket on the front
– a magazine pocket on the back
– two elastic water bottle pouches

The bag is not very well padded, so I keep the laptop sleeve that came with the XPS in the bag and am planning on picking up a Lowepro camera case (Cirrus TLZ 15 or 25) to keep the camera padded in the bag.

Despite holding all these things, the bag is very small.



That is the exact same bag my wife is using for her Vaio. It’s a nice bag but the shoulder strap is wierd in that the pad is on the wrong side (if you want to use it as a shoulder bag).

My current favorite is this:

The Fossil Computer bag. It’s surprising that it’s a nice bag and I can carry both my macbook and eeePc.

I’m a bag-junky and try a couple bags a year looking for the perfect bag. For example I’m taking the Fossil to Europe next month since it doesn’t standout too much. However it’s missing stuff like a waterbottle pocket and some other nits.

This is a great thread and it would be nice to have a periodic what’s your bag and what do you carry…


I use this bag ( REI for my EeePC with room for my GPS puck ( , wall wart and car charger. I have XP Home SP2 on my Eee and use MS Streets & Trips with the GPS puck. It all works for me. When Starbucks switches to AT&T it will be a great way for me to get connected as I am Starbucks card holder. Love your blog. You and Kevin do a great job of keeping us informed.


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