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FoundLINKS: Feb 17 – Feb 23

This weeks pics for helpful posts to read over your weekend. If you had a bad week, or just got turned down for funding, do yourself a favor and skip to #5 right away. Then work backwards…

1) Operations: 5 Lessons Learned From Gordon Ramsay (the infamous chef from Kitchen Nightmares) brought to our attention by Micah, at Learn to Duck. Micah writes: “Ramsay’s rules for running a successful restaurant are really not all that different than getting a startup off the ground.”

2) Leadership and Hiring:
More in the restaurant motif, a short video interview of celebrity chef and entrepreneur Charlie Trotter, from Crain’s Chicago. A hyperactive Charlie talks about how you can never get complacent with your success (recall our Lombardi post on the same) and his tricks for spotting future leaders in 10-minute job interviews. (See also Passion Spotting.)

3) Mentorship :
Rules for Great Advisory Boards, from Marc McCloud, a serial software entrepreneur, on his blog Startup CFO. (Also read F|R contributor Ben Yoskovitz’s take on the subject: The Importance of Advisory Boards for Startup CEOs.)

4) Strategy:
A reminder of why failure is nothing to be afraid of, and why you should embrace sooner rather than later, from Mitchell Ashley: Fail Early and Often.

And saving the best for last….

5) Funding & “PC”-VC-Fashion : we found this hilarious post courtesy of VentureHacks, whose authors have shared their tricks for getting the better of nasty term sheets with us in the past. (See: Vesting Hacks: Part I, Vesting Hacks: Part II, Vesting Hacks: Part 3, and Vesting Hacks 4.) I just can’t decide which T-shirt to order as the F|R holiday gift next year!:




There are many more to choose from, so take a break and spend some time this Sunday on my new favorite home page: VCWear.