WWD Coffee Break: Bungee, Wikis & Twitterlighting

ScreenshotNow Your Can Bungee TooBungee Connect (which we covered in a look at their earlier alpha version) has opened the doors on its public beta. Give them your email address and you can immediately start using their all-web IDE to build and deploy mashup applications. Since the alpha, they’ve improved and polished many aspects of their toolchain, and providing you’re willing to go up the learning curve, they look to be a serious contender.

This is the first moment of truth for Bungee. They’ve got a good story and some high-powered tools – the question is, now that they’ve built it, who will come? Their introductory videos will get you started quickly, but mastering the depth will be a challenge for many developers.

Another Free WikiWikidot offers free wikis by pretty much any measure you can think of: you can host your own wiki for free on a subdomain of their site, or download their codebase under an open source license and install it on your own servers. They have a pretty powerful feature set: in addition to standard wiki markup, you can create equations or embed objects; they’ve got a whole section of useful code snippets in their own help wiki. They’ll even do free mapping to your own domain and tack on a forum to your wiki if you want.

Twitter Tool du JourTwitterlights comes from the folks behind i-Lighter, and serves as both a useful Twitter tool and an introduction to their broader capabilities. Adds “Twitter this” to any web page, as well as the ability to highlight and send text.

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