We Ask for Cheap 60 GHz — and Get It


I’m impressed. We here at GigaOM complain that the world needs a cheap, silicon-based 60 GHz chip to make wireless HD a reality, and scientists at Australia’s Melbourne University labs oblige. Others, such as Vubiq and SiBeam, are also trying. The Australian chip is tiny (5mm a side), relatively cheap (less than $10) and can transmit data about 10 meters. That may not wirelessly stream an HD movie across the living room of an American McMansion, but we’re getting close.



I read the links to all three, and it looks like 60 GHz is coming fast. Looking closely at all three press releases, though, I see that even though the Australians have made this announcement, they state that they are still a year away from making it available to the public. SiBeam’s announcement seems closer, stating that development kits will be available to “select customers” in the first quarter of 2008. Only Vubiq appears to be actually taking orders right now, with their development systems available for $12,500. Does anyone out there have more information about SiBeam and Vubiq?

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