Special delivery has arrived!


I am very happy to report that a special delivery arrived this evening!  Welcome to the world my second grandson, Bo Douglas Hemmingson, born this evening in South Dakota.  Mother Misty and father Kurt are doing well as is young Bo who weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces!  I know I’m too young to be a grandfather twice over but I am ecstatic to greet Bo into the family!  Can you tell how wide my smile is?  Photo to come when I get one.



Ed Holloway

Congrats James!

I don’t think I have ever seen my Dad smile wider than the first time he held our daughter, so (I think) I know how you must feel.



Congratulations! Not grandma, but a great aunt 17 times over, and I know how much fun those little techies can be. In no time, they can be your tech support.


Congrats James and here you thought you weren’t getting a package on Friday.


Wow Congrats! I bet that kid is going to have one “teched” out crib! I can just imagine it… :-)


Yeah…I’m too young to be a grandfather too (thrice) but I am ….and yes it works.

Way to go Grandpa!


heh, congrats!

as for what umpc, hand the kid a EEEPC, og maybe a elonex. anything more expensive is just way to risky imo…


Congratulations James.

You should name the Fujitsu after him!


Mike Whalen

Congratulations. (I sheepishly admit that I thought you meant the Fujitsu at first.)

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