PAX Streamline: Nature Design Meets Wind Turbine


Nature creates the most efficient designs, which is why a whole industry has been spawned around biomimicry, or using nature as a model for innovation. PAX Streamline, a San Rafael, Calif.-based startup funded by Khosla Ventures and spun out of PAX Scientific, has been creating mechanical designs for appliances like pumps, fans and heat exchangers that are based on models including the fluid flow of a whirlpool, or the spiral of a nautilus.

Khosla’s newest member, Ford Tamer, tells us that PAX has been working on “a very cool-looking wind turbine” based on its nature-inspired fluid flow shapes. While Tamer and the company aren’t giving details on the wind turbine just yet, Tamer tells us “it is very different” from the standard, and that “once you see it, you’ll be very surprised.”

For all of the company’s designs, the intellectual property relies both on the shape itself and the design technology to produce the most efficient shape. Tamer explains that the shapes are perfected through algorithms and fluid dynamics programs and can be patented, plus or minus a few percent variation. He says if you change the shape by 2 percent or 3 percent, you can lose that efficiency. We’re looking forward to seeing exactly what nature’s designs can do for the wind turbine efficiency.


Peter Hunt

Mixing :
all physical chemistry is surface chemistry and thus efficient mixing can displace/replace or supplement other accelerants like heat and pressure and reduce catalyst levels.

This could be quite effective in methanol synthesis and other needed but time sensitive processes. Cut the residence times and thus the capital costs.

Peter Hunt

What I am looking for is a vertical axis (fat and short) wind turbine.
My concept is – subject to revision- is one with a rotating shroud- that will adjust the annulus to the incoming wind. Likely of a Sarvonius blade design.

Any thoughts?

Dan Johnson


I saw your artical in The Santa Rosa Press Democrat on Tuesday May 27th Business edition. I was interested to see that CEO John Webley was involved in starting PAX Streamline. I worked at AFC now Tellabs for close to 10 years. Will PAX Stramline be opening any posistions in the near future? I would love to learn more green engineering and have an opportunity to work for another company like AFC.


Green energy is definitely the best solution in most cases. Technology like solar energy, wind power, fuel cells, zaps electric vehicles, EV hybrids, etc have come so far recently. Green energy even costs way less than oil and gas in many cases.

Ray Talbot

All of this so called green energy comes at a very great cost of jobs at this critical point in our countrys present place in the world. With the costs of trying to develop these uproven and inefficiant pretenses of energy, they will add to the already bad economy. We earlier this past year discovered huge oil reserves in our upper middle west that would run the counrty for 300 years and they were not deep drilling. So they could be in our tanks in less than a year, not 10 like our dippy desocrats would like us to think. The cost of recycling and the hazzardous waste resulting from these “green products” will do more harm than good by a long way. The light bulbs from our enemy China, full of mercury that need a hasmat team to cleanup if you drop one, and the injury from a simple accident to a child that dropped it and broke it. Green should be our last concern right now!!! People are more important than these technologies. The jobs created because of a lie about global warming believed by the desocrats again, “they are gulible and stupid” at best. STOP THE GREEN BS.
And use the energy GOD Gave us He will take care of the globe longer than man will be around.
Status Quo

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