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Joost Site Experiencing ‘Unprecedented’ Downtime

The Joost web site has been experiencing “unprecedented” downtime over the last two weeks, according to Pingdom, a firm that measures web site performance. Since February 8, the site has been down on a daily basis, for a total of more than five hours. We’ve had technical difficulties with Joost in the past, and the company recently fired its CTO, but what seems to be the problem now?

Update: Joost spokesperson Kerry Vance says, “We moved our website from Europe to the U.S. earlier this month. As a result of the migration, we’ve experienced some technical difficulties, which have mostly been sorted out at this time.”

2 Responses to “Joost Site Experiencing ‘Unprecedented’ Downtime”

  1. I agree with Matt. Hulu’s got a much easier to use UI, it’s O/S agnostic, and the hardware requirements are nothing to worry about. And yes, content is king, which is the real reason Joost is losing this fight. And I won’t shed a tear. Joost was simply a string of broken promises…

  2. No one noticed becuse Joost is beoming ireelevent with lack of any content from NBC Universal and Fox who have the top TV shows in the US availible on HULU .

    joost has all these promises of a browser based solution and and ability to be multi platform ,(mollia based client) but there inst even a linux client even though the Joost back end runs on Ubuntu .

    Joost better pull something out of their hats that totally amazes us by Q2 this year or it will just be another failed repackaged video startup .