Friday Afternoon Filings: NYTCo Insiders; CNET Activists Trade Shares

No fireworks, but a few SEC filings this evening at a pair of companies dealing with activist investors:

CNET: Some intra-party trading going on here: In this filing, Jana Partners announced that it has disposed of 114,333 shares at price of $7.44…. but in this filing, its partner, Alex Interactive said it acquired 114,333 shares at the same price. On net, the moves don’t affect the total holdings between the two.

NYTCo: It looks like Harbinger et. al. took a breather, as it didn’t announce any new buys today. But there was clearly some sort of internal share-awarding event at the company, as several insiders reported new share acquisitions. Among the insiders to have received more shares: CEO Janet L. Robinson, SVP Digital Martin Nisenholtz and CFO James Follo. As for the activists, we should find out early next week if they used the recent two-day swoon in NYTCo (NYSE: NYT) shares to add to their pile.

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