ZaReason dropz ZaCloudbook


Cloudbook215Wow, when it rains, it pours. After at least three delays of the Cloudbook debut, at least one reseller has packed it in. Eee Site indicates that ZaReason is calling it quits and won’t be taking any new orders for the Cloudbook. The company did receive a shipment of the $399 notebook from Everex and got them out to customers, but at this point, they seem to be losing more money than it’s worth on what’s likely an already low margin unit. It’s not a complete wash-out for the Cloudbook as it’s still expected to hit WalMart soon.


Mike Cane

Aw, I hate to kick sand on someone who’s down, but let us remember that Everex was also first in with “Palm-size PC” and didn’t exactly do well there, either.


This has been one of the worst releases in recent memory. It’s just one problem after another.

Is it premature to start a “deathwatch” for the Cloudbook?

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