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“Sort of a Regulated e-Bay for…Emissions Permits”: World Green Exchange launched on Wednesday and will be selling greenhouse-gas emissions via auction, the hope being that by cutting out hte middleman will provide a more efficient result – WSJ Environmental Capital.

DOE Juices Grid With Superconducting Wire: In a $27 million joint project with SuperPower Inc. the Department of Energy has laid 350 meters of high temperature superconducting cable that increases grid efficiency 7-10 percent over traditional copper cables – DOE.

Los Angeles Seeking Solar: LA’s Mayor, and a group of Cali’s congressional delegates, announced a clean energy plan that will create 400 jobs to install and maintain city solar panels — LATimes.

Get Rid of Alternators: EcoGeek points to a Cardiff University professor who says that there can be a 5 percent efficiency savings by ditching vehicles’ alternators — EcoGeek.

Europeans Are Rethinking Biofuels, Why not US?: Well, maybe the next administration will help out —Grist.

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