“Running Windows on your Mac” book is out!


Good buddy Dwight Silverman has penned a second book and it’s available for those who need it.  His book is Running Windows on your Mac which covers everything you could possibly need to know to maximize your experience running any flavor of Vista on your precious Mac.  Get over and buy a copy and tell them I sent you.  :)  $34.99.

With software, such as Parallels, Boot Camp, and Fusion, computer usersnow don’t have to decide which OS to run: they can run Windows and MacOS X side by side on their Intel-based Macs. These software programsare becoming an increasingly popular and convenient way to get the mostout of the Mac.  Mac users don’t need to leave Windows behind; andthey’ll no longer have to switch to a PC whenever they need to access aPC-compatible software application. Instead, they can run Windows andMac side by side, moving back and forth between the two operatingsystems. This book will show readers how to install and run WindowsVista on an Intel-based Macs and use it side by side with Mac OS X 10.5Leopard–all on one machine.



Scott_H is right. When posted on MacSurfer, the headline was stripped of its punctuation, which seriously altered its meaning.

Dwight Silverman

Wow, James, thanks for the tout!

I got my first copy of it yesterday — it was pretty cool to hold it for the first time. This is my second book, but the first one was co-authored, so this is my first flying solo.

Thanks again!


You had me there, for a minute. I saw the headline and thought it meant you could no longer run Windows on a Macbook.

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