Reminder: NTV in NYC Meetup


Hey New York NewTeeVee Readers!

Don’t forget there’s a meetup in your fair city tonight for like-minded, fun-lovin’ people just like you. Here are the details:

When? Thursday, February 21
Where? Burp Castle, 41 East 7th St. (Jackson says this is a good spot.)
Time? After work, 6’ish


Steve Bryant

Ah, y’know. I was just miffed ’cause I couldn’t make it. Also I get paid every time I mention another bar’s name. Which isn’t true, but would be pimp.


Wow Steve, reaching much?

The castle was the perfect location, because it’s already the Meet up for all the nerdy kids in this town. Hallelujah.

Chris, it was wonderful to have you at the Castle on thursday. You brought delight and stunning conversation to the bar. Have a lovely trip.

-Rachel (shhhhhhhhh)

Chris Albrecht

Next time I’m in town, Steve, I’m deputizing (drunke-tizing?) you to pick the place.

Steve Bryant

Oh to finish work by 6 AND go to one of the weirdest bars in the EV. May I humbly suggest, for next time, any of the following: Spitzer’s (great communal tables and 100 beers), The Smith (good liquor selection, vibe), Freeman’s (bar’s nice, resto’s good too), Milk & Honey (mixed drinks), Stanton Social (just because), Botanica (chill), Whiskey Town (duh), or Label (empanadas). Or in the west village 124 Rabbit Club, also with good microbrews. Also I’m a drunk, -s.

Scott T.

Who’s done with work by 6? :)

I’m planning to head to a BarCampNYC3 planning meeting around 7 and I have work to do post, so I won’t make it. :(

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