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More on Google AdSense for Video

We were a bit ahead of the Google AdSense for video story when we published last night, and some more important details have emerged this morning.

Publishers who want to participate must serve at least 1 million video streams per month, be based in the U.S., and operate English-language sites. Other publishers who sign up for AdSense can add YouTube partners video content, with overlay ads included. (Get the full overview in the video above.)

Google is offering two types of overlay ads, and they are quite different: text ads are contextually targeted and paid on a CPC basis (like regular AdSense); overlay ads are CPMs. CPMs, huh? I had suggested last night that the company had taken so long with this product because “…figuring out what’s going on in a video, whether you want to monetize it or protect it, is hard.” But now it’s not clear to me that Google is actually putting that much emphasis on this problem. When the company launched InVideo ads on YouTube last summer it said it was targeting based only on location, demographics, time of day and genre of video.

Silicon Alley Insider is reporting a $15 CPM for InVideo ads; that’s down from the $20 CPM Google launched with on YouTube last summer.

Here’s the official Google blog post, the AdSense blog post, and the application page.

Also, we should have mentioned that this is a “beta” product — as it was when Google first tried it in a more limited form last May — but I honestly have no idea what that term means, especially coming from Google.

8 Responses to “More on Google AdSense for Video”

  1. Basically this means, you can expect this InVideo ads system to be implemented on any of the “competitors” of youtube such as Revver,, Dailymotion, Kewego,, Metacafe, MySpace Videos, Vimeo, Veoh, Vsocial, Putter, Photobucket. All of these publishing platforms serve at least one million views per month, so if they want, they can apply to implement Google InVideo ads on their videos.

    I’d find it cool if DivX Networks find a way to implement Google InVideo ads with the DivX Web Player. This way, it wouldn’t be limited to Flash 7 and above, but also other embedded video formats which can find ways to implement overlay features over embedded video.

  2. Publishers who want to participate must serve
    at least 1 million video streams per month

    As far as I understand it, that is only for websites such as Revver which want to implement a Google InVideo ads API of some sort.

    For normal people, you just have to qualify to the Youtube Partners program which states that videos must be “viewed by thousands of people”. So If you want ads on your youtube videos, I guess you just need thousands of views. But if you want ads on non-youtube videos on your own Video publishing system, then they don’t want to bother for now unless you serve at least 1 million video views per month.