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Kojinsha announces E8 mini-notebook


Everyone’s attention has been focused on the rumored HP 2133 mini-notebook but they are not the only ones bringing out new low-cost mini-notebooks.  Korean OEM Kojinsha has announced a $600 mini-notebook the E8 that looks to address the low-cost notebook market that Asus has been so successful tapping with the EEE PC.  The E8 will be running the AMD Geode mobile processor, not a powerful CPU by anyone’s standards but no doubt a heavy contributor to that low price of $600.  What sets the E8 apart from other low-cost mini-notebooks is the swiveling touchscreen running at a resolution of 1024×600 and it comes standard with Windows XP.  The E8 also comes with 512 MB of memory and a 40 GB hard drive which should be sufficient to run XP decently.  Kojinsha says the E8 will ship on Feb. 29th which is right around the corner and given the specs looks to be a pretty decent package for $600.  No word on US availability.

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9 Responses to “Kojinsha announces E8 mini-notebook”

  1. i just hope its keyboard is better than the SA1. using the keyboard of the SA1 forces me to type like i’m using a typewriter!

    i used to be happy with my Kohjinsha SH6, but now i’m having second thoughts of moving on to a different umpc.

  2. I’ve considering importing Kojinsha K600 model for some time. Kojinsha is doing well in Korean market especially with later models such as K600 and K800. SA1 was criticized for slow performance and poor keyboard, but K600 has resolved issues rather nicely and it is one of the most popular UMPCs along with Fujitsu U1010 (U810 in US), P1610, and Samsung Q1. That said, I think E8 is introduced just to compete with EEE PC which launched yesterday in Korea, and I believe most users will be much happier with rather going for K600 though it costs a bit more.
    By the way, Kojinsha is a Japanese company and I suspect Kojinsha Korea is just a sales front.

  3. It’s a KoHjinsha SA1 with the upgraded screen. Still runs the very slow but power efficent AMD Geode. Probably similar in performance to the Everun.
    Nice option. I’m sure the keyboard is fine now. seems to be a reliable importer for Kohjinsha’s.

  4. I have the SA1 and the worst thing about it is the graphics chip – doesn’t do any 3d so some programs from the 1990’s don’t even work. The Geode is an absolute dog. The eee beats this in every respect except for the touch screen.

  5. I wonder what the keyboard is like?

    Sure, a touchscreen is great … but I’m not sure if I’d use it. XP isn’t, say, an iPod Touch-like OS. And wouldn’t a screen that small prevent enjoyable inking?

    It’s good to have another choice, though!

  6. Kojinsha systems have generally been sold in the US by Vye, so they would be the ones to watch for a version of this one.

    That said, the specs actually look like essentially a refreshed and repriced version of the Kojinsha SA1, which Vye had re-branded as the S18.

  7. I agree, as sweet as the HP device looks the E8 is right up my street. I found a PC World in the UK that had an EEEPC and like the form factor, but the touch screen is the deciding factor for me.