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Freeware of the moment- Process Lasso

Process_lassoAnyone who has been using mobile devices for very long knows too well the hit and miss scenario caused by multi-tasking.  You have too much running in the background and the CPU grinds up to 100% and it’s hard to do much of anything.  Today’s Freeware of the Moment is a utility that aims to end that problem once and for all.  Process Lasso sets some rules and runs (with very little resources) in the background and prevents bad things from happening when too much gets going at once.  It watches your CPU resources and when they get tapped out it steps the priority down for processes until the system is running at an even keel.  I have heard many people praise this program but none so well as Steven Hughes of BostonPocket PC who has published a very thorough review of Process Lasso.  Check out the review and then give Process Lasso a try and see how well your older system runs with today’s programs.  Note that Process Lasso runs under Windows 2000, XP and Vista and there are both 32 bit and 64 bit versions available.  Be sure and get the right one and you’ll be hauling buns in short order.  Don’t be intimitdated, while Process Lasso has all sorts of technical settings to give you total control over your running environment the defaults will pretty much sort your system out with ease.

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  1. I like this app. It actually seems to stop my CPU usage from maxing out and causing traffic jams….but…. why am i always having to re-install it after a few days start ups? It disappers for some reason and i can’t even find it in Program files. Oh—I have another similar app called Notebook Hardware Control that’s been installed for some time; i forgot. Maybe it’s too many Cooks spoiling the broth. Still, they aren’t conflicting running; why would Lasso keep getting the boot, so to speak….? Any thoughts?

  2. Following up on the guessing game: From right – Picasa, Google something, ThinkVantage icon, safely eject hardware, 3 things, Vista Battery saver, another ThinkVantage thingy, and maybe a SonyEriccson phone icon?

  3. OK, knowing that it’s not YOUR task bar, James, I’ll follow up on b’s game. I’m going to guess that the hazy green one is for utorrent, not that I know anything about that. :)

  4. Lorie Ghamy

    But the freware Winner of the day is on my Quadcore PC :

    Bill2’s process

    A french freeware able to adress 32 processors or cores !

    In French but the software is in French, Italian and English.

    Translated by Google Trad (a little funny !)

    Functions side by side of the differents softwares available (Process Lasso includes) :
    Have a look here (from Google Trad):

    Yes, a great freeware with no limits or advertising with full functions…

    Choose the best for multicores machines !

  5. I think I’ll try my hand at identifying your system tray icons. From the left: lasso, unknown, unknown, synaptics, vidalia, avs video tools, symantec, hardware icon, hardware icon, daemon tools, hotsync manager, unknown.

    How’d I do?