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Flying Planes by Day, Yoking Video Feeds by Night

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It’s always fun to talk to hobbyists who retrofit online video technology to address their own particular wants and needs. Like Paul Yanez, the prolific maker of web versions of desktop TV interfaces. This week we talked to Gerald Zuckerwar, who’s compiled RSS feeds for live video programming from all over the web so you can go to one place to watch them all in your browser.

Zuckerwar, an airline pilot by trade (and a relentless NewTeeVee comment spammer, not that I recommend that), picked up a book on Extensible Markup Language (XML) a couple months ago. He had come across Entriq’s RSS-TV specification for video device makers and thought he could do something similar “to create an independent feed directory for Internet television.” He calls it RSS Live TV.

RSS Live TV users access video by opening the site’s XML file in any browser with a built-in feed reader. After navigating a simplistic directory, your selected video auto-plays on a white background in your browser page. Zuckerwar hasn’t done much in the way of design, but in many cases that’s preferable to all the navigational nonsense you have to deal with en route to viewing video where it’s hosted. RSS Live TV channels include CNN, C-SPAN, ABC News, AccuWeather, CNBC and many more, including some UGC sites. Most are live, and some are on demand. All are free.

I asked Zuckerwar if he could make an integrated interface for flipping through channels rather than requiring users to return to the hierarchical list in order to change feeds. He said that might be difficult given different sites use different players, but he’d give it a try.

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