Launches With Original Web Series; Raises First Round

2 Comments, yet another comedy video site, officially launched last week, featuring several web series, user networking, blogging functions, clips of stand up comics, a joke database and more, Variety reports (the story was first broken by NewTeeVee here). The Santa Monica, CA-based site is majority owned by former chief exec of UPN and president of Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) Television Dean Valentine’s Symbolic Action LLC, with funding from Prism VentureWorks and Walden Venture Capital. The site currently has no advertising, though that may change in the coming months as it is expected to feature banner and embedded ads. Valentine spent over a year developing, putting together roughly half a dozen two to four minute webisodes and shooting them on high-def digital video. Among the shows are a show biz spoof called The HollyWoody Show, a daily satirical newscast Newest New News, Loops, a sitcom featuring comedians offering video clip commentary a la Mystery Science Theater 3000 and How to Make a Hot Girl Laugh, in which two comics have 60 seconds to — you guessed it — make a hot girl laugh. Although much of the content is geared towards young males in the 18-34 demographic, Valentine is confident will attract a broader audience.



I think the site sets themselves apart. The News show they have is very funny. The user tools are easy. I feel it will be a success.

carrie is a great addition to the ever-growing community of web series sites and I've been passing that site along as much as possible to people interested =) Amanda, do you know if they've thought about submitting the series to the Emmy's this year? I know that they're now allowing online content like webisodes and online films to be eligible for nomination in this years Primetime Emmy's. I think last year they were allowed for the DT Emmy's, so it's pretty cool they're actually considering online amateur/indie footage for nomination this year. If you're interested or want to read more, check out I'm workin with the Academy to help spread the message about the new nominations, so if you get to check it out let me know! And spread the love =)

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