Vid-Biz: Videoegg, TVCatchup, Satellite HD

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VideoEgg Goes for Engagement with AdFrames; new ad units move away from CPMs, allowing advertisers to negotiate price per engagement, Microsoft on board to use the new format. (release)

TVCatchup Halts Services; UK-based ad-supported broadband service that lets you record programs to watch later, online, suspends service after complaints from broadcasters. (WebTVwire)

DirecTV and Dish Team Up to Take on FCC; rival satellite companies unite to push for HD broadcast signal carrying requirements to be phased in over a period of four years. (Broadcasting & Cable)

NBC Holds an Upfront After All, Preps “The Endless Season;” the peacock network’s attempt to gather advertisers to be smaller series of client meetings, it’s also shifting to a year-round prime-time schedule. (TV Decoder)

Younger Audiences Spur Online Video Growth; new study by Leichtman Research Group finds that 42 percent of all individuals 18-34 say they watch video online at home at least weekly. (emailed release)

TMZ Targets Hot Dog-Eating Celebs With Webcams; gossip site setting up webcams for hours at a time outside eateries like Pink’s Hot Dogs and The Ivy. (CNET)

Strike Cost L.A. $2.5 Billion; figure from new economic report includes lost wages from TV shows as well as impact felt by support services like limo drivers. (Reuters)

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This is a natural progression in the video ad space that parallels experiences in other types of ads like text ads, banner ads, and even email ads. Will be fun to watch – especially on Facebook where studies have shown that interaction with ads has dropped precipitously on social networks.

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