Top 10 apps for S60 devices… what would you add?


Gigaomlogo_2Jason Harris has a nice list of ten apps for S60 devices, so if you’ve got a new Symbian handset, you might want to start with this GigaOm posting. The usual suspects are there: Gmail for Mobile, Qik, Fring and Google Maps. I think JoikuSpot should have been on there for sure; it’s the application we mentioned earlier that lets you turn your S60 device into a WiFi hotspot for friends in close proximity. Although it’s not free, I would also recommend RoadSync for Microsoft Exchange users; it’s a great way to keep your handset in sync with the server for mail.What’s missing from the list in your opinion?


Mr. Crash

Download “activenotes” – it’s a piece of software that is freeware made by Nokia for the E90, and replaces the regular notes application.

Similar but you can embed sounds or pictures or any kind of data in it.

AppQLaunch is sort of like Launchy for my phone. Also a winner.

Y-Browser – free file explorer. Very useful if you want to make some customisations, like swapping the sounds library or changing system fonts.

OPERA MINI – why isn’t this in everyone’s list? It’s not as tightly integrated into the system as the regular S60 browser, but it’s *far* nicer to use, has RSS feeds covered and just… Works.

Flash Lite 3 – you can actually download this from Adobe if you poke around.

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