Guess the Name of Tesla's New Electric Sedan


Silicon Valley’s electric car maker Tesla tells us they have already decided on a new name for their next-generation electric sedan, currently code-named White Star. Alas, they aren’t telling us what it is, though White Star is indeed a project name and will get the boot soon enough.

But we thought it might be fun for our readers to try and suggest ideas for a name for the next-gen sedan. Maybe you’ve got a great (or hilarious) suggestion, or even have an inkling of the real choice (note to insiders, fame and glory await your hints). Remember this is a company that named their first car the Roadster — like the fun of a social network, with the obviousness of the pet rock!

So, any ideas?




Green energy is definitely the best solution in most cases. Technology like solar energy, wind power, fuel cells, zaps electric vehicles, EV hybrids, etc have come so far recently. Green energy even costs way less than oil and gas in many cases.

Mark M

Most auto companies establish a theme to their model names. Toyata start their names with a C or a K, german brands like numbers and letters such as C class or 3 series so Tesla needs to keep in mind it’s naming theme.
My suggestion is to use States or places of the USA as Tesla is a US company and there are lots of US names to choose from. The roadster can be the California Roadster, remember the early 60’s ferrari’s, and the White Star could be the Tesla New Canaan.

Herbert Gruber

One of these two for final consideration:
Dreamster, or

Steve Montain

The Edison? …if we’re following patterns. But there are so many cool names in electronics to distort! How bout the Ohmen? Crown Joule playing off the Crown Vic. The name has got to be something that isn’t static, something that moves but not Lightning, Lightning is to easy. Pulse, Ion, Elmo, Electron, Amp, Amperage. Telsa Bituminous?
Okay, I’m done. :-)

Rory Gawler

If it were my car company, I would name it the “Booyah”.


Jeremy Walker

Tesla Nikola perhaps. But most likely to be something like Elektron. Unless it’s some piece of committee-decided phonetic marketese junk-like name as bestowed recently on big public companies – instantly forgettable. Which would be a shame.

Craig Rubens

“The Buzz” and it comes fully loaded with 43 cup holders and coffee-stain resistant upholstery.

Chris Albrecht

It’s called the “Five Man Acoustical Jam” and is pre-loaded with every song the 80s Hair Metal band ever performed.

marc siry


Seriously, my brother is the VP of Marketing for Tesla and I haven’t the slightest idea. That’s about as insider as it gets!

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