The Daily Sprout

Oil Prices Set New High: So it’s official, oil has crossed the $100 mark and Reuters reports that gasoline has jumped to over $3 a gallon – CNBC.


Nanotubes Yield Blackest Material, But Potential for Solar?: Researchers at RPI and Rice have developed a nanotube material that absorbs more light than any other material on earth, catching the attention of solar companies looking to improve their efficiency – Cleantech Media.

Cool Heat Map Shows Off Californian Solar: We do love a good map, and the folks at Cooler Earth have taken data from the California Energy Commission to map the growth of solar capacity – The Gist, via Treehugger.

PHEVs – “Tailpipes vs. Smokestacks”: A new study compares the carbon emissions of plug-in hybrids charging off of different electricity sources including coal, gas, nuclear and wind – MIT Technology Review.

Chat With Coskata Veep Tomorrow: Coskata Chief Marketing Officer and VP Wes Bolsen will be online tomorrow from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST to chat about Coskata’s partnership with GM and their process of making ethanol – GM.


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